workshops & lessons

rhythm is fun!



I have more than 35 years of experience as a performing musician and more than 25 years in teaching and still going strong.

Darbuka lessons are given in the following techniques:
⊕basic techniques for beginners
⊕advanced techniques
⊕split hand
⊕play together with:
– a second darbuka player
– a traditional percussion formation
– a band
– a dancer
– a compactdisc
– a discjockey

I also teach:
Djembé| Zils (finger cymbals)|Bendir (frame drum)

Rhythms are from:
Greece|Turkey|Egypt|Spain|South-America and many more……..

To name a few:

Lesson forms:
⊕private lessons
⊕business outings|teambuilding
⊕bachelor party’s

Lesson duration: 1,5 hour

price per lesson € 30
10 lessons when payed in advance €270,- (1 lesson for free)
prices of workshops, groups,business outings, bachelor party’s depent on: location & size of the group

for appointments and more information  call: +31(0)630516741
or fill in contactform